1.) Your website is not for you.

It is but it isn’t. When designing a website, one important thing to consider is your audience. What are their likes? Does the style appeal to them? Though your input for the design is important, be careful not to focus the design solely around the things that interest you. It’s important to ask yourself, what would my website visitor be looking for. What would they expect? What is the goal

2.) Less Is More

Statistics show that the average website visitor is more likely to stay on a site that is visually appealing as apposed to a site with lots of text and minimal images. It’s a great idea to try and communicate using imagery, videos, and typography when it makes sense to do so.

3.) The Home Page Is Prime Realestate

On average, you have about 10 seconds to make a first impression so it is extremely important to say what you need to say and look your best. This is why we consider your home page prime Realestate. It is your first impression. Keeping the sites navigation simple and easy to use as well as minimizing content is key. It’s a good idea to communicate the most important information on your home page. We recommend identifying the top 3 things that you do and use the home page to focus on that.