One of the most dreaded tasks when building a website is writing content. At Jericho Studios, we believe that it doesnt have to be. We have put together some helpful tips on how to write great content without the stress.

Be Concise

• Brief Sentences - 12 to 30 words.

• Single thought/point per paragraph.

• Average 4 sentences per paragraph.

• Edit for extra words that can be eliminated and still says the same thing.

• Easy on the adverbs.

• Use facts to describe your successes.

Formatting of Content

• Use Headings to convey the conclusive thought of the paragraph since people scan instead of reading.

• Use Bold, indents, numbered lists, bullets to make text it easy to stand out where applicable.

Consider Your Audience

• Text should be written to let customers know how you will solve their problems.

• Talk to your audience by using the word “You”.

• Use “keywords” people would use to search for your services in your Headings.

• Avoid industry jargon.

• Let the first sentence of the paragraph be the conclusion then write supporting sentences (inverted pyramid writing style).

• Active Voice instead of Passive Voice.