Owning your own business is a part of the American dream but it can become extremely frustrating when you don't know what your mission is. Here are some helpful tips on discovering your mission.

1.) Ask yourself why you do what you do.

Defining your why will allow you to look past the layers of complexity in your business and discover the root purpose behind it. By doing this, we can bring greater clarity to our goals and build around that mission.

2.) Ask yourself what problem does your mission solve.

Behind every mission, there is an issue that is being solved. For example, we at Jericho Studios love to help our clients with their online presence. The issue behind why we do what we do is that less than 64% of small businesses don't have a website and the ones that do usually have an outdated or really poor site.

3.) Ask yourself how can we improve our product to better carry out this mission.

Innovation is paramount to a great business. Through understanding your market, clarity of mission, and creativity your business will be setup for success.

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